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  • Domestic distribution system of Vietnam is PHARMAHEAD wide spectrum 3 region Northern, Central, southern, with the base, prestige dealer ensures the quality in order to deliver good products. Meet the demand for the products of people.

    The company's headquarters:

    Address: 25/129 Nguyen Trai - held 11C - Thanh Xuan District - Hanoi.
    Phone: + 84-04-6325 9102
    E-mail: pharmahead.vietnam@gmail.com

    Sales office:

    Address: Adjacent to 8, Box 18, Van Khe Urban, P. La Khe, Ha Dong District, Ha Noi
    Phone: +84-04-6325 9102
    E-mail: pharmahead.vietnam@gmail.com


    Address: 242 Thich Quang Duc, KP 6, Xuan An Ward, TX. Long Khanh, Dong Nai Province
    Phone: +84-04-6325 9102
    E-mail: pharmahead.vietnam@gmail.com